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Navigating your Medicare options? 

Welcome to our Medicare Website!  After many years in Bucks County, we recently moved our agency to Philadelphia. We proudly serve PA, NJ, DE, NC and SC.  Our services are at no cost!  We are compensated by the insurers and our clients face no extra charges or higher prices from the insurers.  Since 2008, we have helped more than 2,000 persons find strong value with Medicare insurance plans.

Our Medicare insurers include: Independence Blue Cross/Keystone65; Aetna; Cigna; Humana; United Healthcare; Highmark Blue Cross; Wellcare; New Era; and Manhattan Life.

We believe great value rests with both Medicare Supplemental plans (also known as Medigap Plans) and Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare Supplemental plans do not require referrals and offer access to all Medicare doctors and hospitals in the USA. Our favorite Medicare Supplemental plans include plans G and N.  Medicare Supplemental plans do not cover prescriptions, so most people also enroll in a Medicare Part D Prescription plan.

Medicare Advantage plans are often HMOs or PPOs, ask that you seek scheduled care in a specific health network, and have medical/drug copays. Medicare Advantage plans often have no  charge at all from the insurers, for monthly insurance premiums and can offer valuable ancillary benefits beyond what Medicare covers, including:  annual allowances for free over-the-counter medicines/supplies; dental insurance; vision/eyeglass insurance; hearing aid insurance; and no-cost gym/YMCA benefits.


Please call John Barbati/Robert Adair at 215-794-7418. Or email us at: [email protected]

When you call we’d love to hear your story and learn when you are turning 65, if you are currently retired or still working, and other details to help guide our recommendations. If you would be willing, we’d like to hear what prescriptions you take on a regular basis, so that we may perform an analysis for you on expected prescription co-pays. We can also guide you on enrolling for Medicare Part B with Social Security Administration.

We will write up a custom analysis for you on Medicare Supplemental Plan choices and Medicare Part D Prescription Plan choices. We will email (or mail) you this analysis along with supporting materials. If you are interested in reviewing Medicare Advantage PPO/HMO plans, we will also review information on those plans.

After you’ve read over the materials, we can speak with you to review any questions and further explain details that apply specifically to your case. We can continue the conversation until you feel you are well-informed on your options. Should you decide you’d like to enroll in one of our suggested plans, we will complete enrollment applications with you and file them with the insurers. We will then track the applications as they clear for approval. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

We will be happy to use Zoom or other video conferencing software to meet with you.

We will also be there for you after you’ve successfully transferred in to Medicare – to answer any questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


John Barbati and Robert Adair

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Required Medicare statement for all Medicare insurance websites:

For southeastern Pennsylvania Medicare Advantage plans, we currently act as brokers for seven major insurers. The insurers offer approximately 39 different plans. Our goal is to advise you for strong value, reviewing monthly insurance costs, medical/prescription copay schedules, and physician/hospital networks.

For Part D prescription plans, we will examine all available plans and offer guidance on low-cost pricing to fit your prescription needs. We are brokers for four major Part D insurers and these insurers offer approximately 12 different plans. If a Part D insurer doesn’t use brokers, and if a plan represents low cost for you, we will advise you to use this plan.

There are never any charges to you from our agency, nor any extra charges from the insurers because you are working with experienced Medicare brokers. You can always contact, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) for help with plan choices.

“John is a lifesaver for anyone faced with choosing from the myriad of Medicare plans available. He listened to our needs and provided the perfect program for us. John is always willing to help with any questions we have during the year as well. We’d be lost without John’s guidance!” 

– Tucker and Rebecca G., Doylestown, PA

Penn Medicare